Mentes-M Health Food Awards 2020 Lunch Bag – Protein Bar sub-category winner: Cornexi Active vegan protein bar

The Cornexi Active vegan protein bar won this year’s Mentes-M Health Food Awards in the protein bars category. This prize is awarded to Hungarian health foods of the most outstanding quality by a professional panel of judges from PPH Média and Store Insider trade journal.

Based on the preliminary sensory judgment by the panel of judges both professional and laymen, out of the several hundred competitors and visitors, only the entries of 93 finalists have qualified to the tight finals in 22 main categories.

Mentes-M Health Food Awards accepts entries only if they are certified as being free from at least one of the 14 main allergens and/or being free from substances causing food intolerance, and also if they meet the requirements of the announced categories or sub-categories.

The product samples were judged by blind testing and points were given for quality (appearance, aroma, texture, taste), usefulness (product sheet, professional assessment), and packaging (appearance, packaging material, markings, design).