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Based on decades of traditions, Cornexi knows that our health is a sustainable asset which we can maintain and protect. Our love for nature, our respect for traditions and the quality of domestic cereals are our inseparable partners in creation.

All people, young and old can find their personal favourite in our range, made of excellent quality ingredients. Due to our efforts in health awareness, our product range includes muesli bars, oatmeal bars, oatmeal porridges and cereal flakes without added sugar.

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Mentes-M Health Food Awards 2020

The Cornexi Active vegan protein bar won this year’s Mentes-M Health Food Awards in the protein bars category.

Our Products

Our products, which have been created based on our experience, are continuously improved to meet the requirements of a harmonious, well-balanced and healthy diet. Cornexi’s products are not only delicious and nourishing, but they also help you kick off, or simply continue your day. Before or after a workout, in the office or school, or on your way – Cornexi bars are the best choice for a quick snack anytime, anywhere.

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